Website Support & Maintenance Services

Website Support & Maintenance Plans

We understand that not every business owner wants to spend time learning how to keep their website maintained and up to date which is why we offer support plans where we can look after all this for you.

Website Support / Maintenance Plans

We offer a wide variety of monthly and annually website support and maintenance plans. With any website, they need looking after, whether this be in the form of platform/framework upgrades, 3rd party plugin/extension upgrades, bug fixes, patches, compatibility issues, maintaining codebase etc etc.

Our Plans

The service packages below allow us to keep a dev environment for your website in place so that each time your website requires maintenance or other requested changes, we don’t have to get everything set up each time.

Some businesses like the idea of having a support team at hand to look after any issues during migrations, upgrades or surge of website changes. These might only be required for a period of time rather than ongoing indefinitely.

Monthly Service Packages

  • Service Package Level 1 – £150 p/m (3 hours per month)
  • Service Package Level 2 – £350 p/m (7 hours per month)
  • Service Package Level 3 – £500 p/m (10 hours per month)
  • More support hours available on request and can be upscaled as needed on a month to month basis as necessary.

These are our most popular plans although we can consider smaller and larger plans to suit every website requirement.

Please note: All monthly plans require a minimum 3 month commitment.

Some businesses like the idea of having a support team at hand at any point in case of any issues at all in relation to their website and as such, we offer these website support and maintenance plans on an annual subscription as well.

Annual Service Packages (10% Off)

  • Service Package Level 1 – £1620 p/a (3 hours per month)
  • Service Package Level 2 – £3780 p/a (7 hours per month)
  • Service Package Level 3 – £5400 p/a (10 hours per month)
  • More support hours available on request and can be upscaled as needed on a month to month basis as necessary.

All work carried under a website support and maintenance plan is time tracked and in the event additional hours are required than previously subscribed for, the client is invoiced for the additional difference.

Why Do You Need A Support / Maintenance Plan?

Everything on the web is evolving at a rapid pace, in the same manner that you could buy the latest Apple iPhone and four months later, it is no longer the newest iPhone on the market; Your website software is similar. Most website’s are built on platforms such as WordPress, ModX, Drupal, Magento, Opencart, Prestashop to name but a few. These platforms are constantly improving and extending their software. Not only will the version that your website runs on, need updating at some point, but a lot of the time, any 3rd party extensions will also need upgrading, there could be incompatibilities / conflictions between extensions, server side modules may need updating – which in turn could break parts of your website. In the event of any issues during upgrades, sometimes a dev environment needs to be set up in order to debug and fix / modify the necessary in order to complete upgrades successfully. With one of our support and maintenance plans, you’re covered for all of this.


Some businesses prefer to manage the updating of content on their website themselves, but there are also many out there that do not. Whether not having the time or not having the knowledge to update content professionally in your content management system, sometimes you’d just prefer to let someone handle this for you. Search engines love fresh content, it gives them reason to frequently visit your website so it is recommended to stay on top of this whenever you can.


It can be disappointing landing on a page of a website only to find an error that doesn’t mean a great deal to you, especially if this is on a page of your own website. And this can happen sometimes, a bug in your site’s code, depreciated syntax or simply a small mistake when redirecting a URL or changing a configuration in your admin panel. Keeping your website accessible for all is paramount because if search engines visit your website and it finds nothing there, this could be detrimental to your visibility on the web.


There are always people that like to exploit popular content management systems looking for security vulnerabilities or holes in code. This is one reason why there are always new updates to this software so that they can patch up any security holes or bugs that could be exploited. If you’re a user of this popular platform like millions of other businesses on the web, then you’re an easy target if you’re not running the latest versions and once you’re site has been hacked or maliciously attacked, it can have devastating consequences.

What Can We Look After For You?

Absolutely anything with regards to your website. We have specialists that work with servers, maintaining over 100 of our own, that can work with markup languages such as HTML / HTML 5, that can work with styling languages such as CSS / CSS3, that can write copy and blog frequently, that know a variety of popular platforms and frameworks inside out, that carry out social media marketing for our clients. Just simply let us know what you need assistance with, and we can recommend the likely amount of hours you’ll need us for each month.

We can support you with any of the below, use your maintenance plan as you see fit and whatever you may require assistance with from month to month…

24 / 7 Uptime Monitoring

Website Performance Tuning

Support & Advice
(as and when needed)

Design Tweaks

Development Tweaks

Content Tweaks

Website Content Management

Website Content Optimisation

Email Support
(9am - 5pm Mon-Fri)

Phone Support
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