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We can design and build a great website for your business that is optimised to be found by and attract your customers.
Website Design

Website Design & Frontend Web Design Services

Improving the design of a web page to engage visitors.

You have approximately 7 seconds to capture a visitor’s attention when they land on your website. Fail to do so and they’ll probably leave quickly and are unlikely to return.

A website should not only give off a great first impression but it should look to engage the visitor immediately to work towards your primary objective, usually this is to buy from the website or to make an enquiry via the website.

Our web design team works with you to understand your brand and sets out a plan to design and build a great website that works in alignment with your brand ensuring that it caters for your target audience and potential customers.

We have familiarity with pretty much every content management system on the market and work regularly with many of the most common ones. We will be able to advise which route is best for your brand and what you have in mind for your website.

Our Design Approach

We take the time to understand your business, brand and target market before creating designs tailored specifically. Building a design from the ground up allows us to ensure it is optimal and gives your customers a pleasant and unique experience. We keep to date with the latest web trends and aim to provide high-quality modern design placing the end user in the centre of our work for the ergonomics, accessibility and aesthetics for each project.

Why Us?

We have an extensive team behind us which allows us to factor in the mechanics of how a website needs to function and anything which will affect it’s ability to perform and rank in search engines at any part of the project. Aside from the amount of expertise we can put into a project, our frontend design team know how to actually design/build using modern markup and technologies as opposed to buying templates and making changes to them.

We can work with any of these platforms

And many others too!

Benefits of A Decent Web Design Service

What do we mean by this? Many businesses buy a pre-made theme and hire someone to install it for them and make a few changes to it, usually configurable options within the theme. This isn’t website design but there are companies that claim it is. Sometimes the business (client) will not even know that the “web designer” they have hired has purchased a ready-made theme for them.

A decent web design service is a team of actual web designers that can build a theme from nothing and integrate it seamlessly into the platform of choice.

I have worked with Geoff for 8 years and he has been pinnacle in achieving the goal objective……..getting the company to no1 for the keywords set for organic listings in a very competitive market. I can’t recommend his services highly enough. On a personal level I have found Geoff to be accommodating, helpful and easy to work with. Anyone who employs his service in my mind will not be disappointed.
Kerry Murphy-Kaytan
Online Marketing & Ecommerce Manager at Vufold

Our Web Design Service

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WHAT IS Web Design?

Web design refers to the design of the web page: the architecture, the organisation of pages, the structure and navigation on the site. Usually, there is a lot that goes into the visual representation of how a web page appears when you are browsing a website and all of this comes under the realm of frontend design – which is what our website design service entails.

Website design refers to the visual aesthetics of a web page rather than how it functions. A combination of languages (which would usually consist of HMTL/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript/jQuery) are used to construct the elements on the page and lay the page out in a way that works for the website visitor.

Over time, websites can become very dated. Both in terms of design, functionality, the content it holds or even the technologies / programming languages it uses.

Any recognised brand on the internet will update their website from time to time which will usually incorporate a tweaks to its branding and/or a refresh to the overall design of the website.

Any business that has fallen victim of letting their website plod along unmaintained and looking like something from more than 10 years ago would be in need of a redesign of their website realistically.


We’ve put together a selection of commonly asked questions relating to buying web design services and our provision of the service.

Please note: Our web design learning centre and FAQs on web design are frequently updated. Page last updated on 22nd September 2020.

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