How to Remove Yourself from a Property in Google Search Console

Over the years, Google has never really made it particularly easy to disassociate yourself from various Google products. Thankfully, this is better now.

Navigate to the property in Google Search Console that you wish to remove from your account and click ‘Settings’ from the left hand menu.

As you can see from the below example, this will show whether you have been delegated access from another account. And if so, only the owner of that account can remove you as a user or owner. But you can however, remove the property from your account so that you will no longer see it or receive emails about it.

This will only remove the property from your own Google Search Console and you will still actually be an owner/user in the property where this was set up. Only the owner (or anyone with the relevant access to user permissions) will be able to change this.

By removing a property from your account as per the above, whilst you remain an actual owner/user on the original account, you would also be able to re-add the property to your account should you need to at any time.

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