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We make creative ads and place them in front of your potential customers to drive targeted visitors to your website.
Paid Search (PPC)

Paid Search Pay Per Click Campaigns

PPC (Google Ads)

Our PPC campaigns and strategies are designed to deliver highly targeted traffic to your website’s products or services. Visitors that are ready to buy from you right there and then.

Our PPC service can include paid search text ads, display advertising in the forms of banners, imagery or text, social media advertising on the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, shopping channels, remarketing by displaying ads relevant to the viewers recent web history, price comparison advertising or affiliate marketing.

Be Seen First on Google

Advertising platforms such as Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising give you a way of displaying your brand amongst your niches competition, in primary view on the first page of search engines.

What is PPC?

Get found by your potential customers.

Drive instant sales without having to wait.

Focus on running your business.

Rely on our knowledge and experience.

I have worked with Geoff for 8 years and he has been pinnacle in achieving the goal objective……..getting the company to no1 for the keywords set for organic listings in a very competitive market. I can’t recommend his services highly enough. On a personal level I have found Geoff to be accommodating, helpful and easy to work with. Anyone who employs his service in my mind will not be disappointed.
Kerry Murphy-Kaytan
Online Marketing & Ecommerce Manager at Vufold


Common PPC Platforms We Work With

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PPC is a model of online advertising where the advertiser pays for each time a searcher clicks on their ad – hence the name, pay per click (PPC). PPC is a form of paid search and is typically associated with search engines that display ads against the organic search results, such as Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) and Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads).

With adverts for display on search engines, advertisers bid on keywords that their potential customers might use to find their products or services. They then pay for each unique click on their ads.

The amount you pay per click might vary depending on a number of factors, usually this comes down to the quality of your ad, relevancy and performance of your landing page and how competitive the keywords might be.

The types of ads you can run include search ads, display ads, social ads, remarketing ads, shopping ads.

Using PPC advertising is a very quick way of driving targeted traffic instantly to a location of your choice. So typically, this works very well for businesses with a new website that has yet to gain traction, build authority or performs poorly organically (generates little traffic from search engines) – but beware, this could also be very indicative of other issues with the website which may well affect PP conversion rates too.


We’ve put together a selection of commonly asked questions relating to buying PPC services and our provision of the service.

Please note: Our PPC learning centre and FAQs on PPC is frequently updated. Page last updated on 9th September 2020.

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