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Magento 1 is being discontinued and with EOL June 2020, time is running out to upgrade to Magento 2.

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Our Magento services can help your store perform better in search engines. We can provide the full programme of activity that audits your website, fixes any problems, makes recommendations on how to improve it, optimises copy and any other elements and offsite, we can generate a campaign that gradually, month-to-month, builds the authority and trust of your website so that more potential customers find you.

Organic Search Performance (SEO)

We understand what is needed to make a website rank and working with any eCommerce website, especially a Magento store, requires a whole level of additional knowledge due to the many more pages, potential complications and technical elements to a website that all need to be handled correctly in order for Google to crawl and index your products and value them worthy enough to be displayed in front of your potential customers.

Improving Onsite Conversions (CRO)

As with any eCommerce website, there are many factors that determine whether a visitor will purchase from you and Magento is no different. With the amount of features and possibilities that comes with Magento 'out-of-the-box', there are many opportunities to really understand how visitors interact with the pages on your Magento store and we can implement the ability to learn, track, measure and split-test to ensure that you're continually enhancing and improving your pages for your potential customers.

Magento Website Design

We've been building Magento themes from the ground up for many years. Clean themes, designed properly without any code bloat as opposed to the off-the-shelf themes that anyone can purchase that come with many issues, errors and poor code. We've got our own responsive Magento framework we can build upon or we can build upon any other framework. We can also build an AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) version of the theme for mobile-first indexing.

Magento Website Development

Whether you need a completely bespoke Magento website developed, a modification to your existing website, a custom extension made or new features and functionality added to your store, our certified Magento developers can deliver the necessary based on your requirements. We've been approached and worked with over eighty Magento stores to custom develop pages, features, forms and worked on a variety of integrations and bespoke customisation.

Magento Speed / Load Optimisation

Without a specialist that understands Magento inside out and the correct fine-tuning that Magento really requires to run optimally, you can often find that the speed of a Magento website's pages can be slow to load and a little clunky in general. We can fine-tune Magento significantly, both on the website and on the server (providing it is possible) to ensure that your pages are quick to load for your visitors which will also help the pages rank in Google.

Magento Website Hosting

Magento is a powerful platform that can consume a lot of resources. In order to maintain and optimise a Magento website, it is important to be hosted in an environment that gives you full flexibility on what can be done on the server and equipment that is hosting the site. We can provide scalable hosting solutions to suit a range of budgets, even the largest of website's receiving millions of visitors per day.

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