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We make great websites for you to sell your products to your customers optimised to compete.

Ecommerce Agency & Specialists

We have many years experience working as an ecommerce agency for hundreds of web-based businesses and can provide a range of online services designed to make your online store perform better, grow quicker and be more profitable.

Design & Aesthetics

With a booming online marketplace, greater than ever before, it is critical to make an excellent first impression and the first thing a visitor to your website is going to notice is how it looks and is designed. From this point, you have essentially 7 seconds to convince them to stay on your website and continue browsing. We can use our many years of ecommerce expertise in a wide variety of industries to help your business deliver a well designed online store that your customers will love.

Traffic Generation

Driving traffic to your ecommerce store can come in a wide range of medium, and the best strategy for your business may not be the same as other businesses. An organic strategy (traffic via search engines) may best prove a long-term objective and a paid strategy (traffic via pay per click advertising) may prove a good way to drive targeted traffic quickly and there are other channels such as social traffics, referral traffic or direct traffic – all of which could form part of an overall campaign best suited to your store.

Performance & Conversion

Ensuring that you’re meeting customer satisfaction when they visit your store’s web pages is crucial. There’s little point driving thousands of visitors to your ecommerce website every day that don’t go on to purchase from your business. Getting this right not only requires a lot of knowledge and expertise but usually needs extensive research into your target market and competition and is an ongoing process of split testing everything possible to find what works best for your online store and business.

Maintenance & Security

Running a successful ecommerce website is a long-term commitment. Every serious web based business requires ongoing maintenance, security updates, patching, updates/upgrades and any subsequent testing to ensure no changes break an aspect of your web shop. Whether on the server hosting your website or within the website solution, platform or framework, you can guarantee that this will need maintenance and many online businesses leave this in the hands of their agency partner.

Ecommerce Solutions & Platforms

We’ve worked with most ecommerce software and solutions over the years, from been and gone platforms to the most widely used ones in today’s market. We work daily with Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce in WordPress however we’re pretty likely to have some familiarity or even advanced expertise on any other ecommerce platform you’d like to migrate to or currently operate a website on.

powers 25% of ecommerce sites*


WooCommerce is now used by a huge amount of ecommerce websites, largely because it is a plugin of the most popular content management system, WordPress which powers a staggering amount of the web anyway. It’s quick to get to grips with and is an easy option for to plug in to any existing WordPress website.

powers 20% of ecommerce sites*


Shopify is still seeing massive growth, largely due to the ease of getting started. As they host the web stores themselves, it’s just a case of signing-up, picking a premade design and uploading your products – all with minimal hassle. This model isn’t for everyone though, there are limitations and they do take a percentage of your sales transactions.

powers 10% of ecommerce sites*


Magento is still a widely popular ecommerce platform but since the release of Magento 2, appears to have been declining as more and more online businesses found the newer version too complex to work with than its predecessor. Any ecommerce business operating on Magento 2 almost certainly required a specialist agency to support them.

* Data accurate as of October 2019 as sourced from BuiltWith.
I have worked with Geoff for 8 years and he has been pinnacle in achieving the goal objective……..getting the company to no1 for the keywords set for organic listings in a very competitive market. I can’t recommend his services highly enough. On a personal level I have found Geoff to be accommodating, helpful and easy to work with. Anyone who employs his service in my mind will not be disappointed.
Kerry Murphy-Kaytan
Online Marketing & Ecommerce Manager at Vufold

Benefits of Ecommerce

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What is eCommerce?

Ecommerce refers to the processing of commercial transactions electronically.

By having an eCommerce website, you can sell products 24/7 to customers anywhere in the world. Ecommerce continues to become more and more popular year with the global market worth over $22 trillion led by China, US and Japan.

By setting up an internet shop, companies are able to sell online. An eCommerce website has the advantage of not being restricted to the constraints of a physical bricks and mortar shop; opening hours, weather, location, staffing resources etc. Once set up and configured, providing your customers can find your online store, you can sell to them anywhere in the world, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Ecommerce is needed by any business that wants to sell online. In most industries, if you have a sellable product, having some form of online marketplace is recommended. Your online presence can be extended to capture a much wider reach and selling potential then as well.


We’ve put together a selection of commonly asked questions relating to eCommerce services.

Please note: Our eCommerce leaning centre and FAQs on eCommerce is frequently updated. Page last updated on 29th September 2020.

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