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eCommerce Services & Solutions

We have many years experience working as an eCommerce agency with hundreds of eCommerce stores and can provide a range of services designed to make your online shop perform better online, grow quicker and more profitably whilst sustaining this.

Our eCommerce services can help your product and category pages perform better in organic search, driving more traffic to your pages that converts to sales.

Ecommerce Marketing

Ecommerce marketing grows your website audience and increases visitors arriving at your online store through a variety of channels including organic search (SEO), paid search (PPC), social media and referral traffic from other websites that link back to you from the content marketing and link building strategy that we would put in place. Our team researches your niche and competition and deploys a strategy to work to that fits around your budget and realistic goals.

Ecommerce Websites

We can design and build a fully functional high-end eCommerce website for your business, one that can be tailored specifically to your requirements that caters specifically for your customers. You might have an existing eCommerce website which we can probably work with too. Our team have years of experience working with most eCommerce platforms including Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify and Opencart to name just a few and know what it takes to design and develop a store that will attract your customers and make them purchase from you.

Attract Customers & Build Traffic

We ensure that your potential customers can find your web shop amongst the competition online. We can fix all the technical elements of your website and advise what is needed to maximise it's potential as well as build your offline brand presence through mentions, links and citations which will raise the authority of your website and business on the web.

Convert Visitors

Once we have built the traffic to your website, we can measure, track and begin to understand how the visitors are interacting with your website's pages and implement ways to ensure more of them convert into buying customers - and not only that, ensure they come back to your buy from you again and again.

Our Knowledge & Experience of eCommerce Platforms

We've got experience (and lots of it) working with all the major eCommerce software on the market.








We've worked with other eCommerce software as well, more than we can list here and in most cases, not a huge amount of experience worth noting.

Whichever software your store is running on or that you plan to use, please get in touch as we're more than likely going to be able to work with it.

Ecommerce Marketing

This focuses around getting your brand more in front of your potential customers by getting them to your website.

Ecommerce SEO

There's a lot more to SEO for eCommerce stores than your typical brochure site. There's often thousands more pages, lots of potential duplicate content issues, a more complex site architecture, hundreds more things that could affetct how the website performs. A much deeper and technical understanding of SEO is required than the usual basic elements and this is where we come in. We've optimised many eCommerce websites and understand what it takes and how they should be constructed and configured to get the most out of them. What we do gives your website the best possible chance of ranking in the search engines against your competition.

Google Shopping

We have helped many eCommerce stores list their products on Google Shopping (formerly Google Product Search, Google Products and Froogle). With so much prominence being placed on paid listings on the front page of Google with an easy way of showing products and comparing prices, online retailers can't afford to ignore the potential custom that Google Shopping can drive. Our team of experts can fully hook up your eCommerce website to Google Shopping that periodically sends a feed of your products to Google Shopping which is fully automated. Feeds can be optimised as well so that you can improve the visibility of your products in the shopping results amongst your competition.

Analytics & Tracking

It is important to measure and benchmark progress when developing and growing your eCommerce website and this requires tracking visits to and movements on your website. It is easy enough to simply install analytical tracking on a website but to properly integrate eCommerce analytics and to understand how to work with goals, filters, segments and reports requires someone that has a deeper analytics skillset.

Customer Flow & Behaviour

Getting visitors on your website is one thing but understanding what they do when they're on your website requires a decent understanding of analytics platforms. Our team of experts can determine what is working and what isn't on your eCommerce store, where your customers are leaving your sales funnel or why they're abandoning their cart. We can then make changes, carry out split-tests according to the findings and is competent utilising other tools such as Google Tag Manager as necessary.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Converting more of the visits to your website to sales can be tricky and also requires an effective analysis of behaviour on your eCommerce website. There's little point in getting lots of visitors to your website only for them not to buy anything so our team of conversion rate optimisation specialists will determine what, why and how this can be improved so that your website sells more.

PR & Brand Exposure

We can offer a wide range of services that generates brand exposure, we operate a support network for bloggers with over 20k members, many of which would love to work with your brand whether that being mentioning you on their blog or reviewing your products or services. This is also how we perform much of our content marketing and link building/acquisition strategy and it is proven to not only rank our clients competitively but sustain these rankings for years, throughout numerous major Google algorithm updates.


We've worked with eCommerce stores for more than ten years across a wide range of platforms including Magento, WooCommerce/Wordpress, Shopify and many others. Our team can handle any aspect of an eCommerce business whether it be designing the store-front, developing bespoke features, carrying out technical optimisation to improve performance, performing periodic maintenance, data importing, marketing and advertising (SEO and PPC), handling security or even providing reliable and powerful hosting solutions.


We take the time to listen to our clients and understand what they need from their website. We research their target audience, identify the market and then deliver a service that is fully tailored to their business and objectives. We're transparent in our provision of services and available to provide advice and support to every client whether face-to-face, over the phone or by email during business hours. We are fully committed to ensuring that our clients receive value for money from the service offering that we provide, for the duration of the time that they are hiring us.


With our tailored eCommerce solutions to each and every client, we only work to a strategy that's going to benefit your business because we get that there is no one size fits all plan. Every business is different, often many have a different target demographic or type of audience. You can be sure that we'll only provide a service that your business will benefit from, for your budget and works to a long-term strategy that should generate custom that allows you to invest further should your programme need expansion.

Why choose an eCommerce specialist agency?

Working with an agency that has a team of experts in various areas ensures that you can make use of our extensive experience and expertise in every element of your eCommerce business. An eCommerce website requires a lot more technical knowledge than a standard information website; There are more technical elements, often thousands more pages, a greater risk of duplicate content, a lot more libraries or features in use that can slow down the loading of a page.

Our clients benefit from our 10+ years experience in eCommerce and the hundreds of stores we've played a vital role in developing, growing and optimising. This is why our client retention rate ranges from 95% - 99% year on year and that's because we provide that missing link in our client's business where we can be called upon if there is an issue or if they need assistance with something.

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